Tom Steyer Sets Out to Support the Business Case for GHG Reduction

Climate Change Rescue in U.S. Makes Steyer Converge With Paulson, Sep 30, 2013

Deloitte's Version of the Case for Sustainability

Using Sustainability to Drive Business Innovation and Growth

Deloitte Review, Issue 10, 2012

PwC weighs in on Climate Change

PwC: Supply Chains Threatened by Six-Degree Global Warming

Environmental Leader, Nov 5, 2012

Bloomberg changes the conversation about Climate Change

In his endorsement of Obama, Bloomberg calls on elected officials to embrace climate change risk assemement. - Nov 1, 2012

Using Scale to reduce Early Technology Costs

Ikea to Sell Only LED Lighting By 2016

Environmental Leader, Oct 2, 2012

Another one of the [few] folks talking about risk adjusted cost analysis for capital projects

Estimating Risk-Based Cost and Contingency, Sep 5, 2012


Many Utilites Fear the Revenue Loss from Customer Owned Solar

Xcel Energy Two-Faced on Value of Solar Power, Oct 29, 2013

MA Utilities Lead in Energy Efficiency for Second Straight Year

Massachusetts Most Energy-Efficient State in 2013 with California Close Behind at #2, Mississippi is Most Improved

ACEEE Press Release, Nov 6, 2013

How Utilities Can Embrace Change instead of fighting it

How to Make Distributed Energy an Ally, Not a Threat, Sep 23, 2013

Thinking About the New Utility Future

Three Regulatory Models That Could Help Utilities Embrace the Future, Sep 17, 2013

Massachusetts Utilities stay on top of DSM

ACEEE: Massachusetts Still #1 State for Energy Efficiency, While Oklahoma, Montana, and South Carolina Are Among Most Improved, Oct 3, 2012

Utilities Pull Together "Hard Data" to Support Their Programing Concepts

Utilities Test Office of the Future

Sustainable Industries, Feb 10, 2010


International Recycling Group Secures Bridge Funding

Plastics-to-fuel firm moves closer to issuing IPO, Oct 14, 2013

Clean Energy jobs are stimulating MA's economy rather that stifling it

MA Has Double the Jobs in Clean Energy That PA Has in Natural Gas, Sep 19, 2013

Market Analytics are needed to effective Cleantech marketing

Thoughts on Sales Traction

Rob Day,, Mar 11, 2013