The Point380 Resource Strategy Portfolio

A framework for assessing opportunity and managing company-wide resource sustainability

Working with prominent companies for over a decade has led Point380 to map the successful strategies companies employ to grow and harvest efficiency and renewable resources. We call it the Resource Strategy Portfolio.

Resource Strategy Portfolio

The Portfolio describes a cycle of growth and harvest of profitable opportunities that we have observed in many companies. Central to managing this cycle is measurement of economic opportunity, the quantity of savings available from all improvement opportunities that pass a cost-benefit test. It shows that comprehensive assessment of economic opportunity builds the business case to expand programs to harvest profitable opportunities. And it highlights that growing new opportunity through innovation and investment is crucial to achieving companies’ long-term resource goals.

The Portfolio provides a framework for managing the complex relationships between company initiatives, economic opportunity, and public policies. It helps managers create a compelling case to expand the budget and scope of corporate efficiency and renewable resource programs.

The Portfolio forms the basis of Point380's Resource Strategy Diagnostic process, ensuring clients a comprehensive review of their sustainable resource investments and opportunities. Also, companies employ our suite of services and solutions to accelerate the cycle of growth and harvest described by the Resource Strategy Portfolio.

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