POINT380 assists corporate resource managers with business-focused innovation and analysis to create and implement strategies to save energy, water and material resources.

Our Corporate Resource Strategy Practice

Our research in recent publications by WWF, CDP and Rocky Mountain Institute has illuminated new strength in the business case for efficiency and renewable resources. This analysis of data recently disclosed by leading companies shows that they are ramping up implementation, engaging innovation to grow new opportunity and expanding their programs to address water and materials. Also, with the recession subsiding some companies are beginning to plan for new capacity and have a limited window to design potentially large gains in efficiency and renewable resources in to new facilities and product lines.

A New Paradigm for Resource Management

In response, we see resource managers adopting new tools and techniques and building capacity to duplicate the achievements of leading companies and to match their competitors. Leading companies are engaged in four main areas of activity:

Retooling Continuous Improvement

Upgrading continuous improvement programs to address resources is critical to achieve high rates of profitable investment across a company. At the minimum, resource managers are equipping continuous improvement teams with consumption data and specialized knowledge of efficiency and renewable technologies and techniques.

Making the Case to Finance

Many resource mangers have learned how to improve the case for investment they present to their companies’ financial officers. One proven strategy is to increase the scale and relevance of budget proposals by bundling projects into comprehensive portfolios.

Creating Collaborative Innovation

Companies that have significantly increased investment are finding ways to maintain momentum by growing their pipeline of new opportunities. Resource managers in these companies are expanding their role to identify and drive adoption of new efficiency and renewable technologies, manage technical innovation programs, and also to play a significant role in the development and marketing of green products.

Building an Integrated Program

A key challenge for resource managers is building and communicating the case for investment across a full portfolio of initiatives that meets overarching corporate goals. In many cases this requires companies to collaborate across supply-chains and with other industry players.

Our Value to Clients

Over a decade of work with leading companies in resource strategy has allowed us to developed a comprehensive methodology and suite of services to maximize profitable resource savings. We provide a unique professional service for corporate resource managers: more innovative and flexible than big-name consultants, and more objective and business-focused than think-tanks.

Our Servcies and Solutions

Point380 works closely with each client’s internal experts to craft and drive an analytics-supported innovation process that illuminates opportunities and overcomes technical, financial and organizational barriers. We focus on four activities crucial to corporate resource management.

Retooling Continuous Improvement
What is the best way to harvest our current opportunity?
  • Accelerate implementation and establish momentum with Facility Kaizen initiatives
  • Create a center-of-excellence for resource efficiency with Lean-to-Green Seminars and Tools
  • Develop Long-Term Resource Plans to ensure continuous improvement and maximum impact
Making The Case To Finance
How should we evaluate and present our investments?
  • Evaluate hedge value and interruption risk with Risk-Adjusted Cost Analysis
  • Establish Project Bundling methods that reduce capital cost while delivering superior financial and environmental results
Creating Collaborative Innovation
How do we grow our opportunity beyond known best practices?
  • Leverage internal and external knowledge to achieve new levels of performance with a Facility Of The Future Design Workshop
  • Build competitive advantage with R&D and Technology Acquisition programs
Building An Integrated Program
What are our risks/opportunities and what can we do about them?
  • Compare your current approach to industry leaders with a Resource Strategy Diagnostic
  • Quantify available efficiency and renewable resources with Economic Opportunity Analysis

A Framework for Building Resource Strategy

Over a decade of work with leading companies has enabled us to map the strategies successful companies employ to grow and harvest efficiency and renewable resources. We call it the Resource Strategy Portfolio.

Resource Strategy Portfolio

Other Servcies
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