POINT380 provides specialized expertise and services to accelerate adoption of efficiency and renewable resources in industrial operations.

Our Industrial Resource Strategy Practice

Opportunity for New Facilities

Industrial companies have potential to greatly expand efficiency and renewable energy resources; those that can innovate and capitalize on this fact will be able to harvest financially attractive opportunities over the long-term. Our research that appears in Reinventing Fire shows that applying today’s best-available and early-commercial technologies across existing US industrial production would improve industrial energy productivity by an estimated 30 percent—increasing economic output from $250 per MMBTU of primary energy consumed to $320.

Industrial Operations Require a Specialized Approach

Additionally, the subsiding recession and expectations for lower energy prices has spurred some companies to plan new industrial capacity. The design of new capacity provides an opportunity to fundamentally rethink the resources used in production processes in ways that are not options for existing facilities. Texas Instrument's and Frito-Lay have demonstrated that new facilities are a golden opportunity to shatter traditional limits on efficiency and use of renewable resources, creating cost and image leadership for their companies.

Industrial operations face unique challenges to apply efficiency and renewable resources, among them:

  • Interruption and delays in production are very costly
  • Core production processes are often specialized and unique
  • Aging facilities and systems have grown more complex over time
  • They receive low near-to-wholesale pricing for many resources

On the other hand they have important advantages and often a bigger scope for profitable investment, due to:

  • Large cash flows going to resource consumption
  • Simultaneous benefits to productivity and yield on which to piggy-back resource investments
  • Continuous operations provide high utilization rates and value for reliability
  • An existing technical staff to develop and guide projects
  • Potential for significant improvement through process and product redesign

As specialists in industrial application of efficiency and renewable resources we have learned to leverage industrial operations' inherent advantages to overcome their unique challenges.

Our Value to Clients

Point380 has refined a methodology for engaging technical staff in collaborative innovation to establish a common vision for technical development and define effective frameworks to guide continuous improvement. We have found in many cases that a lack of specialist technical knowledge and strategic view of resources at key points points in design and development of industrial facilities limits the full application of profitable efficiency and renewable resources. Point380 is able to assist companies with efficiency and renewable resource engineering and analytical capacity required at key junctures in the development process, enabling project teams to do more without disrupting crucial schedules. We also have deep experience in facility-level opportunity assessment and deploy our experienced personnel to collect reliable data and clarify strategies to improve complex systems in operating facilities.

Our Services and Solutions

Point380 has project experience across many industries and geographies and has developed specific techniques and analytical tools to address the challenges of efficiency and renewable resources in industry.

Retooling Continuous Improvement
What is the best way to harvest our current opportunity?
  • Gain a comprehensive view of facility efficiency and renewable resource potential with combined Energy-Water-Materials (EWM) Opportunity Assessments
  • Accelerate implementation and establish momentum with Collaborative Kaizen processes that include key technical vendors
  • Improve internal capacity to apply resource efficiency with Industrial Utility Algorithms
  • Develop Long-Term Resource Plans to ensure continuous improvement and maximum impact
Making The Case To Finance
How should we evaluate and present our investments?
  • Evaluate hedge value and interuption risk with Risk-Adjusted Cost Analysis
  • Establish Project Bundling methods that reduce capital cost while delivering superior financial and environmental results
Creating Collaborative Innovation
How do we grow our opportunity beyond known best practices?
  • Leverage internal and external knowledge to achieve new levels of performance with a Facility Of The Future Design Workshop
  • Build competitive advantage with R&D and Technology Acquisition programs
  • Increase technology adoption with Technical Research and Design Team Support
Building An Integrated Program
What are our risks/opportunities and what can we do about them?
  • Compare your current approach to industry leaders with a Resource Strategy Diagnostic
  • Quantify available efficiency and renewable resources with Economic Opportunity Analysis
  • Uncover new value for suppliers and customers with Life-Cycle-Ananlysis (LCA) Design Review of products and processes