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Point380's principals are a growing team of experienced consultants and analysts that have applied sustainability philosophy in real-world environments faced by sustainable resource managers. We have a unique balance of resource engineering, commodity finance, innovation and analytical expertise needed to help our clients achieve ambitious sustainability goals.

We enjoy the practical experience of working onsite with operations to improve major industrial facilities and also the intellectual challenges of conducting original research and producing analytics to clarify complex issues.

In addition to engineering and business degrees from leading universities, Point380 consultants maintain professional certifications and regularly participate in the organizations focused on developing these areas of knowledge. Our passion is innovating with world-class organizations to overcome barriers and scaling-up efficiency and renewable solutions to reduce dependence on scarce and uncertain resources.

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Our Name

Point380 was founded in 2006 when the concentration of CO2 present in the atmosphere was 380 part per million. To check today's CO2 levels, visit