Contributing Members

In addition to our Principal Members, Point380 relies on a number of Contributing Members who add expertise and depth to our service offerings and projects.

John AndersonJohn Anderson

For nearly 30 years John has worked in the area of technology, markets, and finance of clean energy. He has substantial experience in policy development and assessment, and he worked in renewables financing as the Managing Director of an investment fund focused on the clean energy sector. As the COO of a small fuel cell business, John was heavily involved in developing market strategies, business plans and investor management. As both a researcher and an r&d manager, he has worked on a wide range of technologies, from solar thermal and energy efficiency to fuel cells.  John currently consults on technical, marketing and business strategies for a wide variety of companies and technologies, and is an advisor to a variety of venture capitalists and equity and angel investors.

Miles LightMiles Light

Miles specializes in Environmental Economics, Econometrics, and Computable General Equilibrium modeling. He has considerable experience modeling the macroeconomic effects of emissions trading programs, in particular programs involving greenhouse gases. His dissertation research examines how policies designed to avoid global climate change can impact world trade and consumption in fossil fuel markets. As a former member of the Energy and Environment practice at National Economic Research Associates, Miles conducted environmental policy analysis in the energy sector. He has published “Coal Subsidies and Global Carbon Emissions” in the Energy Journal (1999), and presented “Coal Markets, Carbon Leakage and the Kyoto Protocol” at the 1999 American Economic Association meetings and “Optimal Taxation: An application of Mathematical Programming with Equilibrium Constraints” at the 1999 SIAM Conference on Optimization. Miles received a B.S. in Economics from the University of Oregon and a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He was a recipient of the Cambell Dissertation Fellowship for Outstanding Research in Economics, the Beverly Sears Dean’s Grant for Dissertation Research, and the Colorado Graduate Fellowship. He has served as a special consultant for the Harvard Institute for International Development to model the economic impacts of environmental improvement policies in Hungary. Miles is currently a research faculty member at the Leeds School of Business, in the Business Research Division. 

Katherine HamiltonKatherine Hamilton

Katherine is a consultant specializing in environmental markets and innovative investment in conservation. In this capacity, she is currently a Strategic Advisor for the Governors Climate and Forests Task Force and Ecosystem Marketplace. Katherine previously served as Director of Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace, where she co-authored numerous pieces on carbon markets, water, and ecosystem services. She has also held positions with Yale Environmental Law and Policy Center, Natural Capitalism Inc., and The International Council for Science. Katherine holds a Master of Environmental Management from Yale University and Bachelors from University of Michigan. She is currently a fellow with Colorado State University’s Center for Collaborative Conservation.

Linda OlssonLinda Olsson

Linda brings over 25 years of experience working in the electric utility industry and helping companies across a variety of industries design and achieve high performance strategies. Clients have ranged from entrepreneurial start-ups in renewable energy and clean technology to large multinationals.  Recently she launched the Boulder Innovation Center’s Renewable Energy and Clean Tech Program, helping a variety of entrepreneurs form and grow startup companies. As a management consultant with A.T. Kearney, key clients included American Water, Contact Energy (New Zealand), Jones Lang LaSalle, LG Electronics, Pacific Gas & Electric, Procter & Gamble, and Toyota.  She also worked with utilities across the U.S. to improve energy efficiency programs with XENERGY, Inc. and in marketing, resource planning and strategic decision studies with Salt River Project, an Arizona-based electric and water utility. Linda is an industrial engineer, having earned a M.S.E. in Industrial and Management Systems Engineering, at Arizona State University and a B.S. at the University of Arizona.

Spenser VillwockSpenser VilLwock

Spenser has 17 years of experience in the non-profit, private, and public sectors.  A strong and accomplished advocate of triple-bottom line businesses, Spenser holds a master’s degree in non-profit management (MNM), LEED-AP (Existing Buildings) accreditation, and an undergraduate in English literature. With professional experience in leveraging market demand, political advocacy, environmental issues, population-based philanthropy, leadership development, organizational capacity building, and running two start-up companies, Spenser is an authority on developing community programming and policy to maximize impact.

An expert on efficiency, renewable energy, and green building, Spenser is the President Ex-Officio of Board of Directors for the Boulder Green Building Guild, an Executive Board Member of the Constructors and Designers Alliance, a Trustee of Building Jobs for Colorado, a Education and Outreach Committee Member for the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, and an active member of the Colorado Society of Association Executives and the United States Green Building Council.  

John ThomasJohn Thomas

Since 1988 John has been focusing where technology and business research objectives merge. John has run hundreds of custom research studies for technology and other new-product clients worldwide.

John's expertise lies in research design and methodology; including executive interviewing, focus group moderation, and interface testing. On the quantitative side, he works with advanced multivariate modeling, market sizing and segmentation, advertising effectiveness and pricing models.

John has a MS in Marketing, specializing in market research techniques and measuring social phenomena (under Gil Churchill) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. John's undergraduate degrees include a triple major in marketing, psychology and finance.

Charlie WeissCharlie Weiss

Since 1977, Charlie has worked in economic, market and environmental assessment, strategic planning, program/product development and communications. His diverse domain experience includes energy, electronics, business-to-business software, energy efficiency and green building.

Global clients have included Intel, SAP, Visio, and IKEA; electric utilities, city and regional governments, and many smaller clients. Roles have included merger and acquisition work, international PR team management, industry analyst and consultant; designing, interpreting and applying in-depth qualitative research as a basis for strategy and business decisions. He has designed and performed business-to-business, supplier, channel, editorial, investor, employee and management-team research projects, applying the research to help clients launch new products, companies, distribution channels, promotions and branding/re-branding efforts.

Charlie has a BA in economics focused in urban and environmental economic systems and cost-benefit analysis from Colorado College.